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Welcome and request for someone to take notes.

25Inventory demoDale

We'll have a 1/2 hour meeting today, just a check in to see how people's migrations are going, and to exchange ideas.


  • Recent demo by Ann-Marie and Heather loading ongoing orders from Voyager to FOLIO.  Useful session and slide deck.
    • One problem was the date of the orders was changed by the business logic during the data load.  This will be addressed.
  • Recent discussion on slack about which end-points should be used.  Should we ever use storage endpoints?
    • Not always easy to tell.  Sometimes yes...sometimes no.   Can vary by Module...has evolved.
      • Is this inconsistency an issue?  Patty is going to email the TC and get this on their radar.
      • Chicago planning to use storage module for source record storage
  • In a recent snapshot release the ability to configure default mappings was released.
    • This will be discussed at the next data import meeting (Wed. 1:00 Eastern)
  • Question for the group - how are we dealing with snapshot releases at this stage when there are important fixes?
    • Chicago- they put up snapshot releases in addition to the quarterly releases
  • Lots of progress being made currently on funds/finance/money.  Lots of Acq. dev work going on (and other modules).
  • Last week, the latest version of RAML module builder broke some modules - code related to users.  That change has been rolled back and working properly in current snapshot.  (this was not broken in the Daisy release)
  • The "every two week" meeting schedule for this group has been we'll plan to meet in two weeks.

Action Items