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?Jono's Recommendations TC

Discuss any open questions/ideas around the Code Review process Jono outlined. Further discussion of the Task Force and potential governance models. Will try and get Jono to attend the meeting on 11/13/2019.

 ?Tech Debt-6 Real Life load test TC 

Update and brainstorm on moving this item forward.

  1. Environment - Core Platform
  2. Defining the test scenarios (which tests, how many of each, what data is needed, how big a dataset, etc.) ← Likely community product owner-type
  3. Building the tests themselves - Core Functional ( ? )... some teams have created sets of Jmeter tests - these may be useful too. Would be helpful to leverage all teams to build these tests
  4. Collect and/or create data to be used - Mike and Tod to query Sys-Ops, potentially need to augment and/or curate additional data. Harry K might have a standard set of users
  5. Identifying which tools can be used to profile the application so that we can assess the results


1) Mike started conversations with Jakub. There are a few environments that we can consider. Not urgent. Update:  Need to get this scheduled to coincide with mid-late November if possible. We should try and formalize and document the process used to create the environment so that this is as repeatable as possible. 

2) No update. Expect update 10/30. Update: Collecting Test Scenarios folder. Will need someone to act as PO and select which scenarios we try first/second/third in parallel, in groups, etc.

3) Essentially on-hold until we have use cases to evaluate. Note that we have a bunch of JMeter tests that might be useful.

4) Chicago can deliver bib data. We discussed the value/benefit of synthetic data for Holdings/Items/Users/Loans. The Core team has an item FOLIO-2296 - enrich perf circulation data to match BugFest q3.2 OPEN  to create some test data - which could overlap with this need. 

Update : Mid November, hoping to have a copy of anonymized/redacted/cleaned Inventory and SRS data from Chicago. Will create/dump reference data to be used with the corpus of load test data. Will also rely on automated generation of users and loans - so need to get Core Team to take on FOLIO-2296 in an appropriate timeframe. Possible to identify another resource/team to create Users.

5) Will have an update on 10/23: Update:  Initial review of open source tools. Creating an evaluation matrix in order to choose the tool.

Security Policy Update

Several revisions to the document, TAMU Security specialist has weighed in. Document is close to ready to be reviewed by TC. The DRAFT doc is here:

AWS Environment/BudgetPeter Murray

About 60% of our FOLIO instances have been converted to are covered by reserved, and more will be coming (FOLIO-2325). Peter is watching AWS Marketplace for short term contracts to move things into Reserved instances to save money. The Core Team feels like it will be 3 months until we can collapse remaining instances into clusters. Peter will be able to present a budget/idea of steady state in the next few weeks.

Note - discussion within TC needed to approve HA for Reference/Special Environments cluster as this adds cost to the overall footprint. Is HA needed? To discuss on November 13th.