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SMEs would like a popup to display at check out when loan is being truncated due to a recall request in the queue

I created a UXPROD for this: 

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker


Discuss identification of Recalls (Holly)

Can set patron blocks for maximum overdue recalls

Can set recall overdue by maximum number of days

Two types of recalls

1)Patron has item checked out and then it’s recalled

2) At checkout item already has requests from other patrons

System has to be able to tell if the item was recalled when it is checked and found to be overdue because some institutions charge more for recalled items that are overdue

Cate announced at the meeting that there is a “recall flag” that is not displayed anywhere that we can use.  This will definitely save processing time.

Patron recalls an item but then cancels the request, what happens?  The request is cancelled on the item, but the “recall flag” remains set.

Are able to renew the item if the request is cancelled.

Holly will created a new, post-MVP feature to cover these three points:

  • Ideally, if no other requests, then everything reverts back to original due date. 
  • The system should not charge a fine if the no active requests is on it.  
  • If a request expires do we want the fine?  Yes

MVP will check the “recall flag, if a flag is set then will charge for recall amount for both cancelled and expired requests.

Agreed that we need to add a feature that will pop up a note to let the user know that the item has been recalled and the loan period has been shortened.

Documentation for Tips and Tricks ( Erin)

Looking for volunteers to assist with documenting

  FOLIO App Information, Tips, and Tricks