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  • Determine next steps for Central Office and Cross Tenant Development



WolfCon Sessions?  (Should these be on topics of general interest as it doesn't appear many SIG members are attending?)

  • Sharing a tenant vs separate tenants Central office
  • Cross tenant & ReShare
  • ERM SIG is proposing a session on multiple libraries in single tenant (Steve) and multi-tenants for one consortia - Opportunities and challenges of each approach
    • ?
      • outline of the implications
      • Martina Tumulla suggested that she can put us in touch with ERM folks

 Thoughts on ReShare in General

  • "Consortia" button function
    • Could 'live' in each tenant 
  • "Directory" button contains
    • Contact info
    • Services
      • Ncip
      • z39.50
      • OAI 
      • etc
  • Permissions and editing (to be developed) would be included
  • If there could be really deep integration into FOLIO that would be awesome

Thoughts on ReShare, specifically as regards Cross Tenant Unmediated Requesting

  • Routing is good
  • Monitoring request
  • While it would not allow for integrating requested in the FOLIO app
    • Although Kristen says that it may be possible
  • Loan rules were good
  • Missing
    • Choose pickup location
    • Return to own library
    • Edge case - patron walks into a library
    • No shared patrons
      • Check out is to libraries, not patrons
    • May be possible to use an API to connect to a Reshare account
  • Discovery aspects
    • Harvested records for ReShare
    • But no RTAC
      • But not might be necessary for an all FOLIO group 

Thought on ReShare, specifically as regards the "Central Office' functions. 

Next steps for Cross Tenant and Central Office

  • Cross tenant 
    • Start building FOLIO requirements and note where ReShare might have similar functionality

Action items