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10:00 Eastern @


Kelly Drake

Patrick Sanders

Jarmo Schrader

Elizabeth Chenette

Discussion items

15 minDevelopment plan, timeline and Sub-group goals

Development update

  • Basic functionality demo at WolfCon. 
  • Functionality beginning to show on Daisy snapshot
5 minVuFind integration update

In progress (and that is ahead of schedule)

  • KD to instance of reserves and we can talk about fields. 
5 minAres integration update

Integration functionality - only includes the updating of status and location.  No integration with the CR app

5 minOther integrations planned for summer of 2020?

How are EDS users planning to access Course and Reserve item listings?

TAMU, 5C (not full implementation in 2020 - will continue using aleph for circ and reserves until the next year or so) and maybe UofA using EDS - not sure if we need additional app functionality

Might need some additional functionality

TAMU would also want their course reserves separate by Library. Front and back end. 


30 minCourse Reserves in Consortia (Single Tenant or large multi-library implementation)

Are additional fields and features necessary?

The ability to provide a reserves interface and for each individual college/institution - they will need separate modules?

Could we differentiate by service location? 

Could login differentiate what the student sees?

Next week's meeting cancelled !!

Action items