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Inactivity LogoutTod

Chalmers has noticed that users are currently not logged out through inactivity. Has SSO working but noticed that persisted through the weekend. Don't want to use a shortcut solution. Ticket:

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

Testing DataTod

Inventory Data for testing and is current being vetted for PII

MSU UpdateBrooksPushed back dry run for migration to late feb early march

Alabama UpdatePatty Daisy tenet and are working on a data load to try to populate as a test run and will do again when Edelweiss. Hope to do bugfest testing, week of December 9th.

FinancialChulinGetting data in. OLE has complicated functions built-in and trying to figure out how the tag functions will work given the reduced functionality. Ann-Marie notes that hopefully it is easier and that groups might be useful. She also notes that the structure is there but when comes to transactions that are created to move money around in the budgets is not quite there yet.

WolfCon CheckinTodAnything more needed from this group? - Nope

Q4 large number of records




Theodor et al

Larger volumes of records are slowing down (500,000+). Should be fixed in Q4. And so OAI-PMH testing should wait for Q4. Chalmers has been fine with their 300,000ish records.

Are people using OAI-PMH for discovery? - Yes and figuring it out. OAI-PMH is not bringing in holdings and item level information and so need location. Missing delete records. There is also the idea of named collections and so unsure how those will be represented in FOLIO. Perhaps location or the electronic bookplate (triggered by acquisitions but sits in inventory). 

Electronic bookplate is also an Item notes type in the Item record, so can be applied at either the Holdings or Item level In Acquisitions, there's also often a need to provide annual lists of what was purchased with particular donor funds, especially if there are guidelines on particular types or subject matter for material.

Here's an example of an item with an electronic bookplate,, with the note "Purchased from a Fund Established by The Olga and Paul Menn Foundation".

How is EBSCO planning for EDS and FOLIO, OAI-PMH? The way forward will be OAI-PMH but maybe to an initial scripted export to get load into EDS and then changes through OAI-PMH. Alabama is bringing up EDS sandbox. 

SRS direct loads but neesd to be OAI-PMH/API in the future. Dale should get in touch with Chris to be able to add data. 

Reshare RecordingPaula Path: OLF -> FOLIO -> Consortia_New -> Recordings_New

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