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  • Find a note taker: Sharon Beltaine

Here is a link to Paula's current list of WolfCon 2020 Conference Topics 

The WolfCon proposals were submitted. Below is the revised wording that I sent to Paula after some discussion. We should review it, see if it looks ok, and discuss any other issues that people want to bring up about WolfCon.

Title: Data Migration: Case studies
Description: Presentations by Chicago, Texas A & M, and Chalmers on their experiences with migrating legacy data to Folio.
Moderator: Dale Arntson
Required Attendees: None
Time: 2 hours
Attendance: 25
AV: Zoom with microphone, projector

Title: Data Migration: Working with Bulk APIs
Description: Panel will discuss experiences with migrating data using the new Bulk APIs, review current functionality, and provide feedback for future enhancements.
Moderator: Ian Walls
Required Attendees: Someone from Core Team
Time: 1 hour
Attendance: 20
AV: Zoom with microphone, projector

Title: Data Migration: Problems and solutions
Description: Panel will discuss best practices for migrating legacy data to Folio, including methods for loading data, useful workflows, quality control, data cleanup, useful tools, and documentation                      
Moderator: Theodor Tolstoy
Required Attendees: None
Time: 1 hour
Attendance: 25
AV: Zoom with microphone, projector

20Current migration activitiesgroup

I thought we should reserve a little time for people to discuss their current work on data migration, to bring up issues, etc.

  • (Uschi) GBV signed contract with Index Data to develop loading of data from the Union Catalog to FOLIO; they will use a function in the Union Catalog to export the data, the data will be converted, then the data will be loaded into Inventory; they plan to have a prototype available in Q1 2020
  • (Jason) TAMU developers streamlining data migration modules; (Anne) challenges because the same location code cannot be in two different parts of the FOLIO hierarchy
  • (Patty) University of Alabama is loading data to SRS and surfacing through a custom map, and looking into loading users from Banner (student data system)
  • (Anne) TAMU has done a lot of work on loading orders, but put it on hold because there is  reworking being done in Finance modules

Next Meeting (Dec 16)

Topics suggested the December 16 Data Migration meeting: 

  • Jason may be ready to talk about the local on-prem Postgres database solution configuration at TAMU for their FOLIO implementation
  • WolfCon update
  • general data migration updates

Action items

  •  Anne L. Highsmithwill talk to Paula Sullenger about editing existing proposals to reflect what we decided today