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Today's Attendance Taker: 

Today's notetaker:  

Last week's notetaker: Sharon Beltaine

Updates from Various Reporting Related Groups and EffortsVarious

The Reporting SIG is using small work groups to address priorities and complete our work. Each week, we will provide updates to the Reporting SIG from these various reporting-related groups and efforts:

  • Community and coordination
  • LDP Data Privacy Working Group
  • LDP SysOps Working Group
  • Software development

Connecting to and Testing Queries with the New Public LDPAngelaAngela will walk us through connecting to and testing our queries with the new Public LDP environment. See the LDP Reference Environment page for more information.
Who is going to WolfCon in January 2020?All

We'd like to get a sense of how many Reporting SIG members plan to attend our upcoming conference. Please add your name to the second worksheet labeled "Attendees" if you plan to attend the WolfCon January 2020 conference.

So far, 4 members plan to attend. Chicago (and others) are still in the process of deciding who will go. It will depend on the draft agenda.

Reporting Prototypes and QueriesAll

Let's review our Report Prototype and Query Development Project List

Meeting Notes: See notes in the list (column "status").

Additional Topics?All 
Topics for Future MeetingsAll

Review and update Topics for Future Reporting SIG Meetings