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Usability - Huda Khan

Tabled for a future meeting, since Huda wasn’t on the call.

Demo of new features - Cate Boerema

  • Delivery requests: Circulation → Staff Slips = new staff slip called “Request delivery.” First step is to configure staff slips if you want one, second is to configure delivery location to print by default or not. Next step after that is to enable users to place delivery requests by checking appropriate box in user record. Discussion about whether or not bulk user important can be used to make this box checked by default in certain situations. Cate will double check and write a story for this if necessary. Cate demonstrated how to place a request. New requests status = “Open - Awaiting Delivery.” New item status = “Awaiting delivery.” Question about holds on things that are blocked. Answer = you can set items to not be requestable. Question about whether or not a setting can be added to request policy enabling items to be requestable, but not deliverable. Question about whether or not a patron can be blocked from placing a request if they are blocked for reasons of, for instance, having too many fines. Holly (not on the call) should be able to answer this.
  • Reorder queues: Cate demonstrated how to reorder a queue. Constraints: requests cannot be moved above page requests, and requests cannot be moved above something that has entered fulfillment. Method of moving requests from one item to another has also been updated: request placed at bottom of queue, but queue opens up automatically so that you can reorder at that point if you want to. Discussion about dynamic title-level requests, which are still under discussion. Functionality does exist in EDS, though, as a thin thread.

New business

  • In response to a question about remote attendance at WOLFcon, Andrea indicated that she has requested a Zoom option for all RA meetings.
  • Emma reminded everyone to please rank UXPROD-2175.