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Minute taker?


Nothing vital to RM SIG, but information on others available. 

WOLFcon - ensure you book rooms and submit reservations soon. Kristin Martin said she won't be able to attend, because of conflicts with ALA MW attendance.

Dennis Bridges asked about session schedule. Kristin said maybe not completely finalized, but close. Agenda was distributed, but times are not yet set. Martina Schildt said everything on agenda will occur, though we're not sure when, yet. Will share very soon.

VouchersDennis Bridges

Seeking feedback on voucher export feature, and how we prepare vouchers for export. Invoices app shows vouchers, but we also want to be able to export vouchers for communication with external systems. In Invoices settings, find "Voucher Export" - will be different for each institution in a single tenant. Then Activate "Voucher Export". Set time of day for export to occur; plus location for where file will be placed (probably ftp site). Past files can be downloaded if needed. Format/access process not yet defined.

Julie Brannon asked if we'll be able to see if voucher has been sent, from within Invoices. Dennis showed that, under "Voucher Information" in Invoices, "Status" will change from "Awaiting payment" to "Paid", which would indicate voucher has been sent. Followup discussion about how/if system can automatically update status when voucher is paid. 

Will FOLIO communicate with Workday or other financial systems? Right now, just trying to make an API that allows access to voucher information in a secure manner; work on specific system specifications would follow. For libraries without an API connection (maybe using some sort of scraper, or something similar), what formats are used? 

Discussion of options around running voucher reports automatically at a specific time, versus having staffperson generate the file at a time when they are ready. The latter is preferable at some institutions because individuals must also walk print copies of invoices to another desk; it's good to know what has been submitted electronically so the same files can be delivered in print at approximately the same time. Ann-Marie Breauxasked if doing this would be effective and work for all units within a single library, such as Law, Med, other units; but there are problems with this because each unit might run such reports separately. 

Ann-Marie asked that all institutions with multiple ordering units, please determine if their FOLIO instance will be set up by "institution" (ie separate 5 Colleges) but not below that, to separate units – will this be a problem for any institutions? Do we need to set up the ability to split ordering & voucher submission at the campus unit or organization level?

Dennis had to leave after 9:30 for another meeting; full meeting concluded as well.

Discussion of acquisition features/prioritization for Q1 2020

VouchersDennis BridgesNot discussed at this meeting. 

Action items