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Discussion items

Minute taker?Martina Schildt

PC Updates

Meeting minutes:

WOLFcon Schedule

Wolfcon schedule is up:

there will be options for remote attendance

shuttles will be available, people need to add their names and flight times to:

MVP update: spreadsheet of overflow

there are some overflows that devs were not able to get done

the red and pink features in the table won't be developed for this release

input from implementers is desired to learn which of those feature are less important than others

institutions need to think about workarounds or whether they can postpone their go-live

ERM is in good place, dev team is more independant

Kristin can take back questions or feedback concerning the capacity plan

there is one bug that needs to be fixed and then Q4 is ready to be released

if you are at an institution that brings the Edelweiss release up, please test intensely with use cases from daily work

the earlier bugs are known, the earlier they can be fixed


voucher export update: 

there are institutions with multiple entities that manage their own vouchers

exports and export settings will be adjustable for each institution configured in your FOLIO instance

this will be done in settings

ability to have a manual export was desired; can set your exports to happen at a certain time

batches of vouchers can be created automatically or on demand; they include all vouchers since last batch

batches can be downloaded from the settings page by clicking a specific icon next to the file in a table

vouchers would be available in JSON format via APIs; additionally they would be available as xml files or the like; xml files could be pushed to an external directory (ftp)

when starting with pushing as a file the proposal was to start with xml, because simple and some institutions currently use it

the voucher itself needs to have the institution information in it

for 5C each of their libraries would be an institution in tenant settings

location information is exclusive to an institution; orders will include location information

things will be identified by location (and thereby institution) information

for Duke (they are administratively separate): Duke would be the institution and the different libraries would be campuses or libraries

if you want to export vouchers on different dates for the different libraries, you would need to be able to select them on library level

each information would go to one instance of SAP

what if someone does export all at once? - this would be split maybe outside of FOLIO by library, but it would all be "gone"; maybe having all exported together and then separate afterwards is the easier way

library level: do librraies ever collaborate on an order? Duke: no, you would have two ore more different orders; if necessary, if there is just one invoice in return, they would split and invent a fake invoice number 

Funds are separated by library at Duke (each library would have it's funds)

in Aleph Duke has a concept of sublibraries; that's how they control permissions as well; maybe that is the equivalent of acq units (except for you can only do one sublibrary); they would not be able to mix funds from different libraries, the system would not allow to