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  • Has this group run its course?
  • Should we plan to report back to the SysOps SIG after WOLFCon?

Discussion items

Meeting notes

15 30 minFOLIO Future direction for working group


SysOps Guide

15 minPossible future topicsWayne SchneiderIdeas

Future topics:

  • GitOps and FOLIO
  • Continuous deployment

Meeting notes

It feels like the work of this group as an active working group is starting to sunset. A reminder of the charge:

Areas of concern:

  • Best practices for deploying FOLIO using Kubernetes orchestration
  • FOLIO development related to Kubernetes integration
  • CI processes utilizing Kubernetes for more agile development


  • Documentation for FOLIO deployment using Kubernetes
  • Identification of opportunities for FOLIO development related to Kubernetes integration; creation of JIRA tickets; prioritization

Outcomes in the areas of concern:

  • Best practices for FOLIO deployment are beginning to emerge.
  • At this time, while there are things that might be interesting to consider for future development regarding Okapi Kubernetes integration (e.g. better integration with service discovery, or the ability to produce Kubernetes manifests from launchDescriptors), there is nothing really blocking implementation.
  • CI processes for FOLIO development are in process, informed in part by the work of this group.

Outcomes regarding deliverables:

  • A start has been made on a SysOps guide, with a possible outline.
  • Several JIRA tickets have been created, currently not high priority.

Future directions 

Wayne Schneider and Jason Root will collaborate on the SysOps guide over the next few weeks (following WOLFCon). We will reach out to Ingolf Kuss to report on progress to the SysOps SIG at the January 31 meeting. The working group will not convene regularly over the next weeks, as we create an initial draft of the guide, but we may call occasional meetings to gather feedback before presenting the work in progress to the SysOps SIG – perhaps at the end of February. 

Action items