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(created 1/29/20)

PO Response Worksheet

The following list represents outstanding FOLIO requirements (as of 1/28/2020) that are necessary for Round II libraries to implement FOLIO

All functionality implemented in Round I (aka - The Chalmers Round)

Records management

  1. Ability to (find and) edit single marc records and save to SRS
  2. Ability to export single and selected batches of marc (SRS) records
  3. Ability to match on predefined field(s) in marc record and replace record(s) with an imported record (subset of UXPROD-2209)

Exports for Discovery

  1. Include marc record with holdings and items in a format that is usable by Vufind and EDS
  2. Include ‘suppress’ from discovery indicator for marc and inventory records - somewhat related to
  3. Include ‘suppress’ indicator for holdings
  4. Include ‘suppress’ indicator for items
  5. Include effective call number
  6. Include effective location
  7. Include effective item type (from item record)
  8. Include inventory records (can be saved to SRS or exported directly from inventory)
  9. Include holdings information from 856 - URL and display text

Course Reserves  (KD - I omitted this from the original list because I knew it would exist - so just so everyone knows this is required but I'm confident it will exist)

  1. The app in general

Round II Libraries

  • Simmons University (FLO)
  • Warner University (ByWater)
  • Missouri State University 
  • The University of Alabama (in add. to MVP)
  • Lehigh University (+MVP go live features)