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  • Find a note taker
  • Question about the lack of documentation for running FOLIO while not using containers.
  • The Docker files actually show how to build each module.  Not really.  They are all abstracted away making assumptions about Jenkins and others.  The actual files exist in Git for each module.  Jo has Jenkins running and trying to feed configurations into it.  Jason stated docker allows one to ignore all this. 
  • Core team responsible for this documentation.  Ingolf will discuss with Jakub.
  • Jo is worried about a Docker installation failing and the entire system goes down.

 Database upgrade testing

TAMU team: TAMU in-place upgrade, round #2

Round 1 during Q4 upgrade (in place migration) failed.  The code was not tested.  Jason figured out where and logged defects.

Round 2 for licenses and agreements scripts work.  But other modules don't.

Jason will add tickets and John Melconian are getting back to the dev teams responsible for the upgrade scripts.  The scripts don't leave the system in a good and stable state.  Not recoverable.  No log of what went wrong.  No exception handling.  What completed and what didn't is unknown.

There is no way to roll back.  It fails badly.  Not acceptable.

Rollback is a requirement

One can clone and test before placing in production, but we still need a graceful exist.  Not sure a full rollback is reasonable at this time during the project.

Need to know what it's going to do, log what it has done, if it fails, where & why, need to re-run starting at that point.

Right no, no visibility at all.

We might be relying too much on OKAPI.  So we have no insight.

System / database backup strategiesIngolfAll data must be in the shared Postgress outside the container.  In MARCcat, does the database live inside or outside the container?  It supposedly uses a database outside of the module.  Data import cache's data internally for streaming.  Might be an operational concern.  It uses RMB streaming.  Might be a problem for high availability because the cache is not shared.  Postgress 12 don't support imbedding.

Outstanding charges of the SIGIngolfCreate an architectural diagram

Missing documentation of the container images on

Old software versions in the installation documentation; causing potential security vulnerabilitiesIngolf / hbz

Topics for next meetings

  • database clustering