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5 minTech Council membership changes

Peter Murray (Index Data) stepping down, Stephen Pampell (TAMU) replacing him.

40 minReview Architectural Blueprint sessions at WOLFconDiscussion of each session, notes, prioritization and next steps. NOT planning on diving into architectural discussion, but rather communicating outcomes of WOLFcon and deciding TC priority to discuss.

  • Security: (fallout of the Security Audit) [depends on audit outcome]
  • Refactoring Okapi [discuss soon-ish]
  • Tenant Management [“slater”]
  • Full Multi-Tenancy [discuss sooner]
  • Adopt PubSub [discuss soon]
  • Support for GDPR [not urgent, later]
  • Search Engine [sooner rather than later]
  • Users and Permissions [soon]
  • Automation Engine [sooner]
  • GraphQL []
  • Database connectivity [urgent]
  • Codex []
  • Inter-Folio Integration [later]
 10 minIntroduction of topic for next week (possibly?) - FOLIO Tech Design and Code Review Process
5 minNext Week's Planned Agenda

Preview of topics for next week:

  • Core:Platform team's priorities are for the coming quarters and longer term roadmap
  • Review progress on Architectural Blueprint refinement

  • Schedule Data Import Meeting. Requested a separate meeting.
  • Tech Design and Code Review Process - decided to have an out of band discussion. To be scheduled.