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Administrative Items / Updates from Various Reporting Related Groups and EffortsSharon / Various


  • Today's attendance-taker:
  • Today's note-taker:
  • Last week's note-taker: Vandana Shah

Project updates

The Reporting SIG is using small working groups to address priorities and complete our work.  Each week, we will provide updates to the Reporting SIG from these various reporting-related groups and efforts.

  • Community:
  • RA/UM Working Group:
  • MM Working Group:
  • RM/ERM Working Group:
  • Data Privacy Working Group:
    • (From last week) Nassib Nassar and Ingolf Kuss had a discussion about the size and scope of trying to implement GDPR regulations if we do store personal data. As this would require an ability to delete user data upon the user's request, Ingolf said that extraction of all data can simplest by done by some SQL-scripts (in a relational database). Deleting of data : we have to be more careful because of dependencies. Some data in some dependent tables will have to be anonymized if a user requests deleting his/her data. We will need some automation. Nassib said that the ldpadmin user can already do these things with straightforward use of SQL which is the LDP interface.  We will continue exploration of possible approaches to data privacy and GDPR compliance.
FOLIO Forum on Reporting with LDP

Reporting SIG members are encouraged to attend the next FOLIO Forum, this Wednesday, February 12 from 11am to noon ET. The topic will be the Library Data Platform. Please join us!

If you missed the FOLIO Forum on the Library Data Platform this past Wednesday, you can now watch the recording on the Open Library Foundation YouTube channel

FOLIO Forum: FOLIO Reporting with the Library Data Platform

Review of Updated Report Prototype PagesAngelaAngela has done some organizing of our report prototype pages to connect them with JIRA and use some standard conventions. Let's take a look.
Query Development DiscussionAll

Please Note: Query writers are encouraged to go ahead and submit queries in progress. 

Let's get more detail on prototypes, queries, and testing from each of our query development Working Groups:

RA/UM Working Group: 

MM Working Group: 

RM/ERM Working Group: 

Time to Rank your Reporting Clusters


Reminder: The MVP project managers are interested in getting all the MVP tickets ranked by each institution. If your institution has still not ranked the reporting clusters, please urge them to do so soon. We need this for both MVP and prioritization for what reports to build next within the Reporting SIG. Thank you!

Additional Topics?All 
Topics for Future MeetingsAll

Review and update Topics for Future Reporting SIG Meetings