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  • Understand the planned workflows and functions of ReShare
  • Identify opportunities for interaction between ReShare and FOLIO


45min ReShare walkthrough 

All, Leader: Kristen Wilson  


  • ReShare has made some modifications to Inventory to associate multiple MARC records to one instance
    • Q: how does matching happen? A: uses same matching algorithm from CARL's Gold Rush
  • Use VUFind as out-of-the-box discovery solution that exposes shared index
    • Q: why not just build shared index directly in VUFind? A: wanted to make it discovery tool agnostic
    • Q: anything other than Inventory being used from FOLIO? Users? A: yes, Users (just for staff)
  • Request process
    • uses OpenURL to push request to ReShare; user can choose pickup location, "need by" date, specific volumen, add notes
    • Users app doesn't manage patrons (since the assumption is those are managed in the ILS) ← point of integration with FOLIO ILS user management
    • Request app (ReShare app)
      • functionality is different from FOLIO Request app
      • load balancing - looking at different options for determining "best" supplier - e.g. net lender/borrower goals, geography, etc.
  • Directory app
    • manages information about each library (might be managed differently in an all-FOLIO setup)
    • each library's directory information (and updates to it) is pushed to other libraries in the network (peer-to-peer/FOAF)
  • Supply app
    • Z39.50 query automatically checks for available item; if available, it will create a "will supply" auto-response

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