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Folio Attribute (Module/Path:Object)

Folio Data Element Description


Table Name: mod-agreements/subscription_agreement

sa_idUUID of Agreement
sa_nameA name for the agreement assigned by the institution
sa_descriptionA description for the agreement assigned by the institution
sa_agreement_statusID of reference data value (mod_agreements/refdata_value.rdv_id) which describes the current status of the agreement (e.g. Active, Closed)
sa_reason_for_closureID of reference data value (mod_agreements/refdata_value.rdv_id) which describes for a closed agreement, the reason the agreement has been closed (a closed agreement is one with status == "Closed" - set via sa_agreement_status)
sa_renewal_priorityID of reference data value (mod_agreements/refdata_value.rdv_id) which describes whether an agreement should be renewed, reviewed or cancelled
sa_is_perpetualID of reference data value (mod_agreements/refdata_value.rdv_id) which describes whether the agreement is a perpetual agreement or not
sa_local_referenceWhere an agreement has been created through an integration / data import from an external system the sa_local_reference is used to store a reference/identifier for the agreement in the external system to support ongoing data synchronisation/updates
sa_license_noteTo record any general information about the license for the Agreement
custom_properties_idID used to link custom_properties (aka supplementary properties) via mod_agreements/rcustom_properties.parent_id to an agreement. (n.b. each agreement can have zero to many custom_properties)
Table Name: mod-agreements/entitlement

Table Name: mod-agreements/order_line

Table Name: mod-agreements/erm_resource