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  • Permissions around changing item status
    • 2020-04-13: Setting up permissions for "from" & "to" is ideal
  • Changing item status (Availability) from item record
    • 2020-04-06: Decided to allow changing the item status from most statuses, except On order or items that are in current loans
    • 2020-04-13: Decided to allow changing the item status to most statuses, except for statuses relating to loans, Awaiting pickup, or Awaiting delivery. Recently returned - no need to make it work. On order - still TBD.
    • 2020-04-27: RM SIG will have final say on whether an item status can be changed to On order.
  • Custom item status
    • 2020-04-06: Decided that a custom item status would allow user to control behavior in Check Out, Check In and Requests apps.  
      2020-04-27: Reviewed wireframe of custom item status. Behavior in Orders and Receiving can default to unchecked; all other customizations higher priority. 
  • Customizing built-in item statuses
    • 2020-04-06: Suggested as topic for discussion
  • Changing item status in bulk (UI)
    • 2020-04-06: Suggested as topic for discussion
  • Changing item status on backend
    • 2020-04-06: Have some way of changing item status that can bypass restrictions in the UI
  • Changing item status through data import
  • Availability, needed for, process (3 part item state)
    • 2020-03-30: Overview
    • 2020-04-06: Overview
    • 2020-06-01:
      • Decided that whether to warn users before checking in items where Process is not null should be a tenant-level (at least, perhaps Process-level) configuration.
      • An item can be Needed for "X" while its Process is set to "X". If an item is Needed for "X" and has its Process set to "X", that does not affect the Needed for, and vice versa.
      • If users try to check out an item where Process is set to "X", then ask for confirmation. If confirmed, continue check out and set Process to null. User is responsible for editing Needed for to "X" if the item needs to reenter that Process when checked in. 
      • If an item is Needed for multiple things (X, Y), users manually clear and set Needed for and Process when handing off an item between different departments.
      • Being able to edit other parts of the item record while changing item state is preferable over isolating item state changes on their own screen. Being able to edit all three elements of item state at once is preferable over having to edit each individually. 
    • 2020-06-08
      • Configure Needed for and Process on the same screen in Settings, as opposed to setting them up independently. Eventually, configure per process whether to alert a user at check in that that process is on the item, but OK if that is a tenant-level setting at first. 
      • Item record: add note for Availability, Needed for and Process fields (these notes will clear if that field changes). For each value, show when and who updated it (the "who" needs to be configurable for tenant, as does all staff tracking information). 
    • 2020-06-15
      • Instance record: Display Availability and Process where item status currently displays
      • Item record: Display only Availability in at-a-glance information at top of item record. Create separate accordion for Process and Needed for. 
      • Check In: if there is at least one Needed for and at least one patron request on an item, require user to choose which to fulfill.
  • Status/item state log
    • 2020-06-22
      • Can be part of general change tracker UI, with modifications:
        • field that's changing should be reported as separate column
        • each change should be its own row
        • App where change is conducted should be recorded
        • Search & filter on type of record (for status history, would only want to retrieve item records)
  • Use of item status for dummy items



  • David Bottorff
  • Björn Muschall (post-April 2020)
  • Erin Nettifee
  • Susan Ponischil
  • Martina Schildt
  • Natalie Sommerville
  • Christie Thomas
  • Laura Wright