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In 2018, a review of LTI’s service came under scrutiny at Duke due to changes in staffing and retirements. As we began to investigate other authority services, LTI coincidentally announced that they were going out of business in 2019.   After a thorough analysis of alternate services, Duke decided to implement MARCIVE’s offering.  

LD4P2 Related Project (Section updated on June 25, 2020)

As part of LD4P2, catalogers at Duke University Libraries embarked upon a Retrospective Authority Control pilot project using Unmatched Headings reports from MARCIVE, our authority service vendor. This project involved examining personal name headings appearing in our catalog, more than once, that MARCIVE was unable to match automatically to a Name Authority Record and addressing them by:

  1. creating a new NAR, or
  2. modifying an existing NAR because the form in our catalog justified a cross-reference that would make it match, or
  3. correcting an error in the heading in our catalog to make it match the NAR (i.e., the form in our catalog was too far from the AAP for an auto-match, but did not justify changing the NAR)

A group of 7 catalogers were asked to work at least 18 hours on this project over the course of two months (March & April). All NARs created were coded Preliminary in MARC 008/33 (Auth status) because catalogers did not have pieces in-hand. We were able to resolve 768 previously unmatched headings. During the project we created 424 new NARs and modified 11 NARs. Duke Libraries is currently evaluating the success of the pilot project and considering how we might integrate this type of work into our workflows.

Authority Control Vendor Services (ACVS) at Duke