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Welcome to the Technical Designs and Decisions wiki.  This space serves as a place to document feature level designs and decision logs.  It has been partitioned into various domains, but the current model isn't set in stone.  Please raise any issues, comments or suggestions with the Tech Leads Group.

One of the main drivers behind the creation of this space is the need to subscribe/watch the entire space, or particular parts of it without being spammed with notifications about changes you're not interested in.  Hopefully this allows folks to only get the notifications they're interested in and increases awareness of new/updated designs documents and decisions.  Of course, you can always elicit feedback from tech leads directly by posted in the #tech-leads slack channel if desired/needed.

Decision Making Process

The following process was agreed upon by the tech leads and is effective immediately.

  • Designs/Proposals are raised on wiki in this space.
    • Folks will have (a minimum of) 1-2 weeks to review and provide feedback
    • Should include information about when a decision is to made by
    • Should be updated when a decision has been made
  • Brief discussion of the topic may be scheduled for a Technical Leads meeting
    • 10-15 minutes per proposal
    • If no decision is made during the meeting, then a sub-meeting will be established to make decision
  • Decision will be documented
    • At the top of the design/proposal document (including when the decision was made, by whom and when the review period ends, might be a link to the decision log entry or vice versa?)
    • In a decision log (including when the decision was made, by whom and when the review period ends)
    • In meeting notes (optional, only if decided during a meeting)
    • Cross-link when possible
  • Decisions will be shared
    • At the next available Technical Leads meeting
    • on Slack (#tech-leads)
  • Folks can raise objections within the review period for a decisionTeams document Technical Designs in this wiki space
  • Teams record decisions in the Decision Log in this wiki space.
  • Designs and decisions are reviewed each week by the Tech Leads.
  • Tech leads should watch/subscribe to this wiki space and review others’ designs when possible.
  • Incorporate consulting this wiki space during spikes/investigations.
  • Teams are encouraged to elicit feedback on a design/decision via Slack.

For additional detail, see the presentation prepared for tech leads, and the corresponding meeting notes.

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