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  • REP-41: Annual E-Resource Counts for ARL, ACRL and NCES and local reporting  (all here that is an item count is a volume count)
  • REP-42: Books, among those: incunabula
  • REP-43: Books in rare book collections (rare prints from 16th century on, works with dedications/inscriptions, with precious bindings; only those collected in separate shelves/collections)
  • REP-44: Other printed works (e.g. maps, music scores, single sheets, patents, standards), overall overall (items held, acquired, withdrawn, expenditures)
  • REP-45: Other printed works, among them: maps and plans by sheets
  • REP-46: Other printed works, among them: music scores by units
  • REP-47: Other printed works, among them: single sheets (flyers, drawings, placards etc.)
  • REP-48: Other printed works, among them: standards (norms)
  • REP-49: Other non-electronic materials (e.g. audio-visual recording media (slides, films, videos), microfiches, art prints, pictures, post cards), altogether (items held, acquired, withdrawn, expenditures)
  • REP-50: Other non-electronic materials, among these: audio-visual materials (all analog recordings of mainly tonal or visual contents and which require specific technical equipment to play back. Slides, cassettes, films, video cassettes.). Digital media (CDs, DVDs etc.) are not counted here but under Digital stocks !
  • REP-52: Other non-electronic materials, of those: further materials by physical units (anything which does not fall into the above and the following categories)
  • REP-53: Manuscripts and autographs, manual documents and music scores, altogether (to be counted by physical units, e.g. volumes, capsules, rolls etc.) (items held, acquired, withdrawn, expenditures)
  • REP-54: Manuscripts and autographs, of those: textual manuscripts
  • REP-55: Manuscripts and autographs, of those: music (score) manuscripts and music autographs
  • REP-56: Manuscripts and autographs, of those: autographs (autographs are personal writings - of moderate size - of celebrities; i.e. letters, concepts)
  • REP-57: properties left by decedents (including those properties in the Manuscripts and Autographs section)
  • REP-60: Digital stocks, among these: digitized works out of the library's print stocks, which are hosted by the library itself (field M says counted in volumes, so moved from titles)
  • REP-75: Acquisition - of all expenses spent on purchases: purchases of obligatory copies (all library materials which have been acquired due to the governmental regulations on the delivery of deposit copies and administrative printed matters. Dissertations of the own university are not counted here.) (this not put in our cluster, but need to identify)
  • REP-81: Books (including dissertations and other theses in bound form), journals and newspapers by bound units, altogether (this not put in our cluster) (items held, acquired, withdrawn, expenditures)
  • REP-85: Other printed works, among those: patents (by physical units)
  • REP-167: Count of items retained.  Total number of items under retention commitments at both the consortial and library level. Data points - retaining library, item count, % of total retentions by individual library.

  • REP-229: Counts of resources by language/country of publication
  • REP-230: Titles and Item Holdings (by this meant: the ability to get title and item counts for any specific type of format, etc. needed)
  • REP-231: Count of archival boxes (this is a means at Cornell, for example, to get at the number of linear/cubic feet held/added new)
  • (need to ask Ingolf if title counts are needed for physical items by the  DBS (e.g., reports 42-57); assuming only title counts available for e-resources) → IK: REP-42 through REP-47 are only counts of physical items. No e-resources there.
  • Ask Ingulf about ER/Physical. Where in Folio?


  • REP-51: Other non-electronic materials, among these: micromaterials