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Product Council UpdateDracine Hodges

The Product Council meeting was cancelled. Dracine did announce that there is a new Sprint Review (84-85) that can be viewed.

Subgroup & other updates?
  • MM Reports - Group work is going well.
  • Charlotte - UXPROD-137 (transfer holdings and items) - An EBSCO developer team to work on this has been identified. Stephanie Buck will be the Product Owner of this group.

PlanningLaura Wright
  • CQL and, Postman hands-on sessions? - Common Query Language used for searching and Postman for mapping MARC to Instance.
    • Charlotte volunteered to lead a session on CQL. She suggested having a session in a couple of weeks. Laura suggested that we could use the MM time slot.
  • Magda will ask Andy Rodriguez Rogers to demo Postman.
  • Another tips/tricks edit-a-thon? - Thoughts to have a shorter time 
  • Boundwith topic for a meeting? Group would like to see in FOLIO - Charlotte thought we could look at data in different environments. If you would like to demo what you do not and/or what you plan to do in FOLIO, let Laura know.
  • Digital Bookplates are used at the 5 colleges. Donor manager app. in FOLIO is not developed. Martina will check at the RM meeting tomorrow. Future meeting? 
    serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

How to approach feature review

Feature ranking/gap analysis redux

Begin discussion



Cornell recently reviewed features they ranked "go-live" and quarter after go-live. Considered whether workarounds previously considered are still viable. Would it be helpful for us collectively to look at features important to us? Where are there commonalities that we need to advocate for? Some may have workarounds that others are not aware of. See Laura's docs above.

Action: How can we effectively address features and prioritization? How can we look collectively at what has not yet been developed and what is most important?

Future MM meetings (ongoing)

Add ideas here