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  1. JIRA Tickets on custom fields:
    1. Splitting of UXPROD-1295
    2. UXPROD-1864
    3. UXPROD-2062
      1. Seperate statistical code field - Note from Emma: "Patron group was retained on anonymized loans through UXPROD-1120. Edited scope of issue to only include custom fields, as statistical codes are not separate fields yet."
      2. Comment UM SIG: some custom fields in users shoul should not be retained as they might contained identifiable information
    4. UXPROD-2147 Department field:
      1. UIU-1211 (CRUD permissions for departments in User record)
        1. Do we want to have the developers spent time on it or are we ok with the custom field situation?  General consensus was yes.
      2. simple Information for reporting
        1. Patty W. said that CRUD permissions should be assignable to users.  There was general agreement
        2. simple Information for reporting  (MB: I think this relates to my note, which reads in its entirety: "Department - Notices, Fines? NO")
      3. UIU-1224 (Show Department in UI)
        1. Do we still need this function as described in the report, or do we need to revise the user story?
        2. Post-meeting update(MB): I have checked my institution's Fameflower instance, and it doesn't have Departments in the User Record. Also, there's no target delivery date, and it appears to be low-priority.  In the initial comments, there was a note to discuss with developers to see if refactoring, which had to be done previously, can be avoided this time.
    5. UXPROD-2248 Custom field tokens for patron notices & UXPROD-1831 Add additional USER tokens to patron notices
      1. this would be required, for example, for the preferred name
      2. a token should be attached to it (Brooks Travis)
      3. we should all take a look at UXPROD-2248 and rank it.
    6. UXPROD-1400 Implement Affiliation Group/Statistical Codes support in same manner as Inventory App

      1. Tags would not be sufficiant for that and there is some information that we would want to see here
      2. Maura B. was under the impression that the coding was done in the Inventory app, and could be imported wholesale into UM.
      3. The concept of a "type box" would be popular.  (MB: specificity failure in notes.)
      4. This is not in the plan (ticket is marked "won't do").  We would have to upvote it to make it happen.
      5. Could Department be folded into Statistical Codes?
        1. Cornell does it, but it is not ideal
        2. Department doesn't map cleanly to a statistical code.
        3. Should we keep statistical codes?  MB: Yes.
    7. UXPROD-2148: Users App: Support multiple External System IDs
      1. Multiple ID support is important for adoption.
      2. Aleph at Duke gives the expectation that multiple IDs can be supported.
    8. UXPROD-1813: Honorific on user record

      1. Should This might be a token toogood use for Custom Fields, but requires a token.
      2. is important for german libraries  (ranking required!)
    9. UXPROD-1790 Additional name fields on user record (preferred name and preferred pronouns)
      1. This might be handled through Custom Fields, at least to start
      2. A possible workaround could have preferred name/pronoun handled through the patron load