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30 Reference Data UpgradesIngolf, Wayne, all

Find a recommendation of SysOps to the core platform dev team

See the Discuss post here

Wayne summarized the issues and ideas proposed during last week's discussion in the Discuss post referenced above.

We need to describe what we want to have happen.  Upgrading a module is really replacing it.  When a new module is replaced, Okapi tells the tenant and passes any parameters it has been told to.  

  1. We need to define the desired behavior
  2. Come to a project wide consensus. 

We need to make a clear distinction between sample and reference data.

We need a change log.

Would like a diff between the previous state and the current state for the reference data.  If we have this, we can give this to the librarians for review.

We also need a log for anything else that might have changed.

Wayne spoke to a developer.  We might actually need 3 classes of data:

  1. System data.   You cannot configure this.  You can't delete this.
  2. Reference data.  Large vocabularies.  Critical for users.
  3. Sample data.  Used to populate a bare bones system for demo purposes.

How do we report non-fatal errors?  FOLIO only supports "success" or "failure" today.  We need to add warnings.  More verbose logs are required as well.  We need to see the steps that occurred.  We just don't know what happened.

A proposal must be created and then presented to the TC since this will impact all FOLIO application in a future release.  Once agreement is reached, this change can be planned for a future release.

15+Review Action Items

Topics for future meetings:

Report from Support SIG

Report about TC Architectural Blueprint / Strategic Changes



Not before June