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  • User cannot edit or delete field 999ff
  • User cannot edit field 005
  • Only positions 5, 8, 17, 18 and/or 19 in the Leader can be edited
  • There must be one and not more than one field 245 for the record to save to SRS
  • 008 bytes Type and BLvl must match positions 6 and 7 in the Leader for the record to save to SRS 
  • The Leader must contain 24 characters, including null spaces, for the record to save to SRS
  • Each field number or "tag" must contain three characters, for example, 020, 110, etc., for a record to save to SRS
  • If you have a word with a dollar sign ($) at the beginning or in middle of it, use all caps so the system does not think it is a delimiter (e.g. KE$HA, not Ke$ha)
  • Words can end in a dollar sign ($) without needing to be capitalized (e.g. leave$)