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Discussion Items




Attendance & NotesSharon

Attendance & Notes

  • Today's attendance-taker: Linda Miller
  • Today's note-takers:  Team Leads for project updates
Identifying Personal Data in the LDPAngela, Vandana

We will have another reporting meeting at 10:00am ET on Monday, June 8 (during our “break out” time block) to discuss identifying personal data in the LDP. We need verification of the fields that contain personal data (and the connections to tables with those fields). I believe this is the final blocker before we can implement GDPR compliance. If you are available, please consider attending this second Monday morning meeting, and we’ll try to keep it focused and efficient.

Here are some tables we are likely to be discussing in detail, and we would especially appreciate representation from people who know these tables well:

  • circulation_requests
  • inventory_items
  • organization_addresses
  • organization_contacts
  • organization_emails
  • organization_organizations
  • organization_phone_numbers
  • organization_urls
  • po_lines
  • user_users

Documentation SupportMarcia Borensztajn

Marcia Borensztajn joins the FOLIO project to provide documentation support. She will provide an introduction.

Preparation for July Reporting FOLIO ForumAll

As part of our July Reporting FOLIO Forum presentation, we would like to provide some nice demonstrations of running queries against the LDP Reference Environment. Specifically, we would like to demonstrate running one query from each of these reporting areas: RA/UM, MM, and RM (ERM is not yet ready for demos). To prepare for this presentation, we'd like someone from each of these subgroups to do a trial run of showing a sample query at the Reporting SIG meeting. (We are still getting an exact date for the demonstration in July.)

Before we get started, we need to determine what dates all the presenters will be available:

  • Angela - would prefer not to schedule for July 8
  • Sharon - not available first week of July
  • RA - Vandana presenting and available all of July
  • MM - Kevin available, Christie will try to work around standing meetings, Laura?
  • RM - Axel available, Nancy available

Additional Topics?All 
Topics for Future MeetingsAll

Review and update Topics for Future Reporting SIG Meetings