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  1. Implementation News:
    1. MSU went live on Monday with circulation
    2. ran into a few bugs
    3. regarding service points and notices - hot fix on the way
    4. 101st record will not be loaded
    5. migration of active loans via check-out-by-barcode-APIs
    6. scheduled notices were created via script
    7. fees/fines were not migrated
    8. Darcy wonders if, something simliar to the loans notices would be needed for the request notices

2. User Management discussion:

a. Maura Byrne and Patty Wanninger from User Management shared the User Fields spreadsheet:

key to color codes:

blue - supplied by system. already present
red - repeatable
green - no jira tickets yet
purple - have jira tickets

b. Patty Wanninger and Erin Nettifee discussed User Management and the issues of custom fields as a token in notices and custom fields in the LDP. There are jiras for these.

c. Preferred pronouns with prominent placement in the user record should be a separate feature to be ranked.

d. Custom fields in the user record with a controlled vocabulary? Yes.