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Product Council Update

  • Discussion about upcoming press releases: 1) focus on implementation 2) focus on the Goldenrod release. They will be released in the first week of July 2020.
  • Jesse will become PC Chair and Dracine is going to be Co-Chair
  • Dracine remains our PC rep. Ian Walls could be her successor.
Subgroup & other updates?
  • Data Import: New versions are being released today and will be tested in the following days as part of Bug Fest. Bugs will be fixed as they are discovered.
Display of suppression filters in InventoryCharlotte Whitt

Change filter labels from "Staff suppress" and "Suppress from discovery"

to "Staff suppressed" and "Suppressed from discovery"?

If decided to do this change, then we should do UX consistent updates in the Instance, Holdings, and Item detailed record.

Slide deck:

  • Jacquie: proposal to group filters together and not order them from A-Z. 
  • Align the label of the filters, e.g. replace "Staff suppressed" with "Suppressed from staff view"
  • Use case for the suppressed from staff checkbox: Suppress Inventory records from acquisition so they don't show up for student workers. The result list should indicate if a record is suppressed, e.g. by using a different color or colored frame. Charlotte outlines that we already have features and stories in Jira, but they haven't got prioritized yet. UXPROD-1634 and  UXPROD-1730.
  • Use a verb in edit mode (suppress), and an adjective in view mode (suppressed).
  • Charlotte: What is the priority of this change when it comes to user satisfaction? Will vote on Slack in the next days.
Tracking cataloging (and other) statistics in Inventory

Laura Wright & others?

Discussion postponed

How do implementers plan to track statistics currently recorded in MARC 9xx fields?

Statistical codes?



serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

Holdings statements notes (public / staff only)

(If we have time)

Discuss possible UX solutions. Slide deck:

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

  • A-M: Scenario 1 would work better for data processing and easier for the devs to implement. 
  • The label of the note fields has to be discussed and agreed on.
  • The majority of people present like scenario 1.
  • Multiple notes for the same holdings statement from MARC records would be concatenated in one field and this could lead to issues in the long term. This is especially important for libraries that don't use MFHD and manage their holdings only in Folio Inventory.
  • Collect use cases and develop it right from the beginning. Need the ability to add multiple public and/or staff notes to a single holdings statement.
  • Charlotte will update the existing mock-up to illustrate the change.
  • Example of multiple public notes from A-M:
    • =867 41$80$a2000$z<in v.V-VI>, 2001$z<in v.V-VI>, 2002$z<in v.V-VI>, 2004$z<in v. V-VI>,
  • A note with public and staff:
    • =867 41$80$a"Statutory deskbook"$z<1 computer laser optical disc, in pocket of v.1>$xThis is for CD-Rom only.
  • A note with multiple staff:
    • =867 41$80$av.33: "Tenth -Twelfth Cumulative Table of Cases" (2008, 2010,2011)$xretain superseded vols. per TM, 12/12/12.$xv.33 on 3rd ed record 2013- jkm 11/19/2013
  • All interested institutions: Please all add ranking to feature UXPROD-2450
Future MM meetings (ongoing)

Add ideas here

  • Pick up the conversation on authority records, needed experts: Jason, Charlotte and Ann-Marie