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Discussion items


Capacity Planning Team & Q3Paula

Holly et al working on compiling the new capacity plan based on our rankings from last week.  Will present an update in PC this week, full plan probably next week

MM has ~53 features they want ranked

"Have implemented group"All

From PC

  • Which forum(/channel/group) should libraries in production use to share/discuss issues they encounter, advice, ideas and workarounds
  • Which kind of feedback does the PC want from libraries in production, how often, on which topics, in what level of detail, and how it can be collected and presented in an efficient and effective
  • Right now Chalmers & Simmons & MSU communicating privately - would their discussions be too overwhelming for the Implementer's Slack channel
  • Tod - let's try to keep it here for a while and see how the traffic goes

FOLIO Apps in Production

Those that have implemented don't have to worry about migration and have different issues, many of them local decisions

Should problems that come up go to the SIGs? Not all of the institutions are plugged into the SIGs though

Kelly - it seems that some of the SIGs thinks that since something is implemented, the  institution is doing OK, but that's not true - too many workarounds, other compromises

Martina - PC needs to know about implementation issues/problems - what is missing, how it went

Martina & Brooks - like the idea of keeping it in Implementers for now and see how it goes

Lisa - keep the detailed discussions in Slack, what to bring to Implementers and PC?

General discussionAllChalmers - release notes more useful

Pain points documentKelly

Production Library Pain Points -

  • For libraries already live, need their own set of rankings
    • Paula - Round IV libraries are interested in these issues, too
  • Documentation, being addressed but still lacking
  • Migration paths for upgrades
  • Should they document the work they're doing with APIs?  Yes!!
  • Should they document their workarounds?  Yes!!