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Recordings of meetings can be found in the Metadata_Management_SIG > Recordings folder on Google Drive:

Discussion items

Notetaker needed for today

Product Council Update

Notes from today's meeting:


Kirstin Kemner-Heek is now chair of PC (and Dracine Hodges is chair-elect)

Latest Sprint review

Reporting SIG will be sharing a survey to make sure they are addressing reporting needs – it will be coordinated through PC so there will be one response per institution

User Management SIG brought up concerns about numbers of results not being accurate when greater than 1,000; this is a FOLIO-wide issue (also in Inventory) related to Postgres. There has been a lot of discussion already on the FOLIO Implementers Slack channel. See for more information. Kelly Drake brought up the need to link to clear documentation on the existing functionality (and limitations) from multiple places.

Support SIG: lots of ongoing questions about how to prioritize support requests/bug reports

Reminder: “FOLIO Reporting Update on Community-Developed Reports,” is scheduled for Wednesday, July 15 from 11:00am to 12:30pm ET. You can watch the FOLIO Forum on YouTube Live:
No pre-registration is required

Subgroup & other updates?

Data Import: finishing up Q2 2020 Bugfix releases and updates.

MARCcat: AtCult and Scanbit are in the midst of 10 hours of training and orientation this week, for new developer onboarding at Scanbit and for all the developers to learn about writing automated tests for UI and Backend. Cristina and Tiziana (the 2 POs for MARCcat) have been meeting and reviewing the various features, to ensure that it's clear which dev team is working on what.

MARC authority data

continuation of conversation from previous week (Entity Management, Authorities)

Ranking needed for features related to this epic:

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker
(features are all listed under "defined by")

Background: some general clean-up needed in MARCcat, then need to prioritize development, so for new functionality: are authorities higher priority than holdings? Which features for authorities are higher priority?

Some European libraries implementing in Q4, authorities are important to them (BNCF, a couple Spanish libraries)

Christie: what is the scope of MARC authorities in MARCcat? what does that mean? automated authority control should happen at MARC source record storage level, not in MARCcat; do we have to use MARCcat if we want to use MARC authority data?

  • If not using MARCcat, only place for MARC authority data would be in SRS, it would not surface in Inventory at all
  • If all cataloging, authority work is done outside of FOLIO, MARCcat would not necessarily be needed
  • could MARCcat be used only for updating bib headings based on authorities (but not for other cataloging)?

Charlotte: Is MARCcat authority data a short term solution while Entity management app is a longer term solution?

Christie: changes to authorities should not require manual updates of headings in bib data; updates to local authority records should automatically generate changes in bib data

A-M: SRS has no "intelligence" to connect authority to bib records; that intelligence does exist in MARCcat – so the connection/auto update would have to happen outside of FOLIO if not in MARCcat

Jessica: what about linked data forms of authority data?

A-M: SRS can potentially store multiple data formats

Is anyone here planning on wanting to manipulate authorities data or use authority data to generate updates to bibliographic data within FOLIO?

--so far, NO

Multiple libraries need to be able to store the authorities data in FOLIO, but not maintain it there

What is the planned role of the entity management app in relation to all this? Entity management goes beyond authorities – MARC authority records are just one type of entity data. The vision document is planned to be complete by end of July, 2020.

For those hoping to use MARC format for holdings, this functionality must be available in MARCcat before they migrate

From chat


What about authority records in linked data form? the LCNAF (for example) is available in many forms.

AFAIK, at Duke we want to store authority records locally in order to support searching, but not use them to drive changes to bib records. We use a service for that.


In Germany we store a bibliographic record together with authority records and link them (both in our central databases and in the local databases). Thus, all Information within the authority record (e.g. alternative names) can be used for indexing the bibliographic record.

Felix's description of how this works at GBV:

Lisa F:

For TAMU, the Holdings is a more urgent issue (than authorities)


For University of Alabama MARC holdings is more urgent than authorities


We use Backstage for our authority processing. What I don't understand is where we would work on the reports that process generated. Wouldn't that be in MarcCat?

  • These reports come from Backstage, include changed authority records & records that could not be updated automatically
  • Updates to bib records in FOLIO could be made in MARCcat or QuickMARC


Need MARCcat connected to FOLIO, Holdings higher priority for development than authorities

Future MM meetings (ongoing)

Add ideas here




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