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Discussion Items

2minAdministrivia Andrea Loigman
15minSearchCate BoeremaQuery search on Users and Requests There was a highly ranked "Boolean search" UXPROD which has been broken down into two separate features:

1. Boolean/Query Search for Requests -
2. Boolean/Query Search for Users -

Let's discuss this solution, review the wireframes etc. Does this seem important? What types of searches might you conduct using this capability?
40minCirc LogEmma BoettcherLoans actions in circulation logDecide what info to record in search log for all loans-related actions. (Can easily be split over multiple meetings)


  • Does the log include fine/fee ? yes
  • logging notes
  • loan statuses: cancelled, recently returned, in transit (Use Case: tracking missing Items)
    • should we then differantiate the in transit statuses?
  • Proxy activity is still not a priority but it would be nice to track:
    • Check out
    • fee/fine
    • request
  • Overrides as check boxes
  • Do we need the original and changed due date in seperate columns? might be alright to have the changed due date in the description
  • Do we need the 'not your home circ desk' override to be tracked?
  • the loan details of items 'claimed returned' should be tracked as well
  • Information on overrides are important
  • Which descriptions are most important