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Regular library hours are the hours your library expects to be open, absent regular holidays, facilities emergencies, or other breaks from the norm.

In FOLIO, Libraries create a regular hour schedule, and then apply an exceptions schedule separately to handle those closures.

titleLibrary Hours, or Service Point Hours?

While many libraries think about their hours as tied to their entire building, in FOLIO they are functionally tied to a Service Point (even though, as of Goldenrod, they are labeled in the UI as "Library Hours.") 

If your building has more than one service point, you'll need to create Library Hours for each service point.

To add regular hours for a service point:

  1. Log into FOLIO with an account that has permissions that allow it to edit calendars.
  2. Go to Settings → Calendar → Library Hours.
  3. Select the service point you wish to create hours for from the list.
  4. Choose "New" under Regular Library Hours

This opens a new FOLIO window within the same tab to create hours. 

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  1. Set your Valid From: and Valid To: dates at the top. These are required fields.
  2. Give your calendar a Name. This is a required field.
  3. For each day, drag and drop a time slot for when you would be open.
  4. When finished, click "Save and Close" at the  bottom of the window to save your hours.

titleTips for Creating Hours
  • Use an up-to-date version of Google Chrome - it's the only supported browser.
  • For some users, the drag and drop feels finicky. You may need to experiment with how strongly you hold the mouse button, and when you release it, to get a feel for how sensitive the calendar is.
  • To schedule a library that stays open at midnight (e.g., doesn't close the same day,) drag your time slot down to the bottom half hour (11:30 on) and let go of the mouse before the end of the calendar line. That should create a time block that ends at 11:59 PM. Then, create a time block on the next day that begins at 12 AM (right at the top.)