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2minAdministrivia Andrea Loigman
10minSearchingAndrea Loigman

Cross-app searching - homework/thought exercise

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

The cross-app sub-group (RM/MM) has been working on a feature they are now calling pre-order searching.  Does RA have any similar needs?

serverFOLIO Issue Tracker

20minSearchingQuery search on Users and Requests (discussion continued)Follow up on User Searching:

1. Improved/"Fielded" searching in User app - and
2. Boolean/Query Search for Users -

Per RA SIG discussion on 29-06-2020, Fielded search is more important than Boolean/query search. Can you please review your rankings? Boolean search is being ranked higher at the moment.

Per discussion last time, the most common use case is to search by user first and last name. Given that is now supported in the Keyword field, is Fielded search still must-have for go-live? If so, why? If not, ppl should review rankings.

How does this related to Advanced Search (Within Apps) Is this feature redundant now?

Request Searching:

Last time we said that Requests should have fielded search for consistency and that, as with users, fielded search would be more important than boolean search. I have added a new UXPROD for this.

1. Improved/"Fielded" searching in Requests app -
2. Boolean/Query Search for Requests -

Let's discuss this solution, review the wireframes etc. Does this seem important? What types of searches might you conduct using this capability?