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  • Notetaker: David Bottorff (Chicago)
  • Andrea stepping down as convener after 4 years; Jana will take over as convener

    • Andrea will remain on SIG; timing of handoff not yet determined

  • Cross-app searching group has been working on pre-order searching as part of a larger cross-app searching need; Andrea and Erin met with subgroup.

    • Thought exercise: What examples of cross-app searching might be needed?

    • For example, pre-order searching would be great to see requests, item status, etc.

    • Are there other places we see a need for cross-app searching?

    • Cate-might be interesting to see demos of mockups/storyboards

    • Shoot Andrea ideas and next Thursday we can talk about it together, and will see if Dennis can join us for demo

    • Consider both cross-app within RA alone as well as cross-app for apps outside of RA

  • Are we meeting on Monday? YES

  • Cate-Improved fielded searching and Boolean searching in Users app

    • As of now ranking of Boolean is higher than fielded-you may want to revisit your rankings.

    • Are either of them critical for go-live? if keyword search by name, email, external ID all work Fielded includes explicit truncation

  • Requests what are the most important use cases for searching requests?

    • David: patron (patron barcode?), item barcode

    • Andrea: search by title

    • fielded explicit truncation is not as important in Users but still important

  • Advanced searching within apps, via query logic, etc.? is this old or redundent?

    • is this a pre-LDP concept?

    • Allows for boolean, etc.

    • we have SQL searching in inventory, and tickets in place for users and RA

    • We believe this is duplicative and can be closed