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Fee/FinesHolly MistlebauerPurpose of discussion is to decide on releaseOrder of work will be:  1) Aged to lost set cost; 2) Declared lost actual cost; 3) Aged to lost actual costSee slide deck at right


Holly Mistlebauer  presented discussion of Aged to Lost/Declared Lost with actual cost and set cost logic.

Aged to Lost (UXPROD-87) is a go-live requirement for many US Libraries but ranked lower for non-US. The development time is marked "Jumbo > 45 days".

Aged to lost is an item status, system assigned. But not available yet. Other user stories involve notices, fees/fines, blocks, etc. Development is moving from UNAM to Core to improve development velocity. Holly identified four paths for development:

Declared Lost using "set cost". UXPROD-2548. Mostly completed, still need to add impact to fees/fines in case of renewal. Also, need to work on patron notices.
Declared Lost using "actual cost", UXPROD-2391.
Aged to Lost using "set cost". UXPROD-87.
Aged to Lost using "actual cost", UXPROD-87.

Who needs what, when?

1. Declared lost using actual cost
2. Aged to lost using set cost
3. Aged to lost using actual cost

Prioritization from discussion:

#1. Declared lost using actual cost
#2. Aged to lost using set cost
#3. Aged to lost using actual cost

See slides to view/add discussion: