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  • Find a note taker (Ian)
45 (including discussion) Technical Documentation Plan

 Marcia Borensztajn will share her plan with us and show us a demo version of a documentation site. She will appreciate any thoughts and comments that we might have.

Doing a tour with various groups.

Three spheres:

  1. Technical Infrastructure - documentation is currently dispersed.  Looking to consolidate around GitHub + static site generator + CMS (to enable contributions from a wider audience)
  2. Process - documentation becomes part of PO story and definition of done.
  3. Content - Table of Contents, topics, style, but also what modules are "core" to go-live.  Also, contribution guidelines.


  1. Demo site + draft processes.  Review candidates for Google Season of Docs (GSoD)
  2. Work with Marketing and Development (to get Help link in UI).  Also work with SysOps for support, pick first app to document, review GSoD projects
  3. Core "go live" apps, refine process, contribution guidelines, install instructions, GSoD project work

Beyond:  dive deeper on apps, dev docs and feedback mechanisms

Open questions:

  • One repository per app?  Per release?  Make docs a separate module in core install?
    • Ian suggests bundling per release.  Anton points out that maintain multiple releases' documentation may be significant extra work (cherry picking commits).  Maintain version numbering for documentation.  Looking at URL structure to maintain linkage from deployed modules to correct version of documentation
  • If documentation is bundled as a module with the FOLIO install, then that eliminates the issue of looking at the wrong version of the documentation
  • What about custom modules outside core?  Could documentation be submitted?  Big question!
  • Mechanism for writing/modifying locally?  Workflows are going to be different for different libraries even running the exact same code.
  • Customizing FOLIO docs with local institution branding.

Moving forward:

Marcia's slides: FOLIO_Information Plan_v2.pptx

10Topics for next sessions / Topics from TCIngolf
  • Updates, automatic migrations
  • Jo: Demo of Okapi deployment and module deployment with his scripts; will take approx. 15 mins.
  • SAML SSO authentication again ?
    1. which server do I need to contact
    2. which port do I need to open
    3. do I need a local database (in addition to the external server)
    4. what information does the external server need (can we use config or env vars ?)
  • we need to go to Java 11
  • Folio Architectural Blueprint Strategic Changes
  • Discussion about Search Engine : Search [proposal]