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Remote storageTBD

People like this idea and will discuss internally who the right SMEs should be for the small group.

Please add your SMEs for Remote storage small group along with their area of expertise (e.g. MM, RA) to this page: Remote storage integration subgroup  Remember, please no more than two SMEs per org.

Fast addQ3 2020SMEs are okay with having the Fast add permission use the existing Inventory create permission.

AnonymizationEmma Boettcher
Default to Never in settings

Recording failed check insEmma Boettcher
Update last check in date if check in doesn't succeed, so long as it is clear what has happened


It was agreed that the formation of a Remote Storage Integration subgroup was a good idea. Institutions that use remote storage are encouraged to contribute one or two SME's (either one from RA or MM, or one from each). Contact Anastasia (see Meeting Outcomes above) if you are interested.