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Table of Contents

titleDocumentation Working Group Meetings

The documentation working group meets on the second Wednesday of the month , 10am-11am EST/16-17 CET

Zoom meeting info-

Meeting ID: 896 3760 4553
Passcode: FOLIO Meetings with Zoom

For questions regarding documentation, please join the slack channel #folio-documentation and ask there.


Where can you find FOLIO documentation?

FOLIO documentation consists of the following repositories and sites:

Contributing to is maintained by members of the Documentation Working Group. Individual members are listed to the right, along with areas they are responsible for. 

Basic workflows for how documentation is maintained are described under Resources for Docs WG members.

Anyone who wants to ask for improvement or addition to documentation should create a FOLIO jira ticket and assign it to the DOCS project.

If you are not sure who should work on the ticket so you don't know who to assign it to, please also leave a comment in the #documentation-wg Slack channel.

For resources for working group members in Jira, see Using Jira to manage work for docs.folio.org0ad7a2c9-e8c4-4f35-afe4-bdb26fd5e5f0

Community members who are interested in helping with documentation should reach out to a member of the Working Group to find out how you can help. 

Future plans


Internationalization of the Hugo-based docs.folio site has been completed in 2020. A proof-of-concept for the German localization (= actual translation) is being stored on a separate branch (Branch/Pull Request, Preview) until such time that content is ready for inclusion and gets approved by the German translation team.

Context-sensitive Help

Future work should include a mechanism for users to click on an area of the user interface and open the relevant section of the documentation for help.

Working Group Membership


Working Group Representative



Getting Started


Gettings Started -> Installation

Ingolf Kuss

Get to know FOLIO

currently unassigned
Platform Essentialscurrently unassigned


Christine Tobias

Bulk editAmanda Ros

RA/Circulation > Check out

Laurence Mini

RA/Circulation > Check in

Laurence Mini

RA/Circulation > Circulation Log

Laurence Mini

RA/Circulation > Requests

Laurence Mini

RA/Circulation > Courses

Laurence Mini

RM/Acquisitions > Orders

Julie Brannon / Molly Driscoll

RM/Acquisitions > Finance

Julie Brannon / Molly Driscoll

RM/Acquisitions > Invoices

Julie Brannon / Molly Driscoll

RM/Acquisitions > Receiving

Julie Brannon / Molly Driscoll

RM/Acquisitions > Organizations

Julie Brannon / Molly Driscoll

MM/Cataloging > Inventory

Laura Daniels / Kathy Peters / Lisa Lorenzo

MM/Cataloging > MARCauthority

Laura Daniels / Kathy Peters / Lisa Lorenzo

MM/Cataloging > Data export

Kathy Peters / Lisa Lorenzo

MM/Cataloging > Data import

Kathy Peters / Lisa Lorenzo

ERM > Agreements

Emma Raub

ERM > Licenses

Emma Raub

ERM > eHoldings

Emma Raub

ERM > eUsage

Annika Schröer

ReportingEliana Lima; Axel Dörrer, Sharon Beltaine, Alexander Chen Lao
Export managerMolly Driscoll
ConsortiaLucy Harrison





Liaison to Product CouncilMartina Tumulla