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The Circulation log displays a table of circulation actions. Circulation actions can be viewed through filters like user barcode, item barcode, date range, loan actions, request actions and more.


There is one set of permissions for the Circulation log, "Circulation log: All." A user either has access or does not. 


Circulation log is a new module (Q3 2020) accessed through the top navigation. Circulation actions are logged and displayed based on filters selected from the left hand navigation.

Current filters include:

  • User barcode
  • Item barcode
  • Description
  • Date range
  • Service point
  • Loan
    • Changed due date
    • Checked out
    • Checked out through override
    • Anonymized*
    • Claimed returned 
    • Closed loan
    • Declared lost
    • Marked as missing
    • Recall requested
    • Renewed
    • Renewed through override
    • Age to lost
  • Notice
    • Send
  • Fee/fine
    • Billed
    • Credited fully
    • Paid fully
    • Paid partially
    • Refunded fully
    • Refunded partially*
    • Staff information only information added
    • Transferred fully
    • Transferred partially
    • Waived fully
    • Waived partially
    • Cancelled as error
  • Request
    • Cancelled
    • Created
    • Pickup expired
    • Expired
    • Moved
    • Queue position reordered

*Anonymization is still under development. Manual refunds are not implemented at this time. Only automated (full) refunds will surface in Circulation log. 

Panes are resizable throughout FOLIO and in Circulation log. This may be useful when viewing a lot of circulation data at once. Scrolling right will also allow you to see the whole table. For the most up to date documentation on the circulation log, see

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