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Project/AreaDescriptionPO Needed
Miscellaneous features as-needed

Pick up high priority features in various epics as-needed 

Generally speaking, one PO is responsible for an entire epic.  That said, there can be a lot of work in a single epic and it is sometimes possible to break off a feature or two for definition by another PO.  This can really increase output across the project and ensure that development has an ample backlog of defined work to pull from.  This would be a great role for someone who wants general exposure to the project without a major time commitment.  Coordination with "primary PO" will be critical.

Duration 3 -6 months.

Item States


Inventory Templates

To simplify and streamline the workflow for adding holdings and items.  Using minimalistic templates defined by the library, to keep staff, when adding items, from having to navigate through dozens of fields that the library never use.

Duration 2 - 3 months

On the Fly Records / or Fast Add

Usecase: Circulation, Acquisition, and Course Reserves need a skeletal Inventory record, but at different times.Duration 2 - 3 months
Resource Access View of Inventory DataApp for searching, viewing and editing inventory geared towards resource access staff.Duration 3 - 6 months.  
Search EnhancementsEnhancements to searching in FOLIO and consistency across apps

Ideal candidate would have experience with search requirements and technologies.  

Duration: 3 - 6 months

Filled Bulk EditAbility to edit records (users, requests, items etc) in bulk.

Duration 3 - 6 months

Filled: Z39.50 supportZ39.50 server to support citation management tools and union catalog searchingDuration 3 - 6 months.  
Filled: On the Fly Records / or Fast Add

Ability to create skeletal Inventory record as part of Circulation and Course Reserves workflows.

Duration 3 - 6 months.  
Filled: Calendar - Opening HoursEnhancement and maintenance of existing calendar (opening hours) functionality. 

As this features is already (mostly) developed, this role would primarily require handling bugs and enhancements.  It could be managed as a part-time assignment (up to 10 hours per week, depending on what is under development).  There is overlap between calendar opening hours and circ rules and loan policies, so assigning both to a single PO would make sense.

Duration: Indefinite

Filled: Circ Rules and Loan PoliciesEnhancements and maintenance of existing Circ rules editor and Loan policy form and business logic.  

This is a business-logic heavy assignment and would benefit from someone analytically-minded.  As these features are already developed, this role would primarily require handling bugs and enhancements.  It could be managed as a part-time assignment (up to 10 hours per week, depending on what is under development).

Duration: Indefinite

Filled: Custom FieldsAbility to add custom fields to records in FOLIO. This feature is needed in the Users app, but if we develop it, it should be a general feature. For this reason, and also because it is a sizable project, it is it's own epic/area.

High priority feature that is currently unstaffed.  Could potentially be owned by Users App PO, as custom fields are needed primarily for Users.

Duration 3 - 6 months

FILLED: Users AppWork on the Users app including data collected, user permissions and user import.

ASAP - Previous product owner rolled off the project on June 30th, 2019 leaving the User Management SIG without a PO.  

Duration: Indefinite

FILLED: Bilingual Chinese English Product Owner

We have a unique role for a bilingual (Mandarin and English) Product Owner to join the FOLIO open source project to work with a development team based in China (Shanghai) that is adapting FOLIO to the Chinese public library market.

This is a paid contract position.  Duration 1 - 2 years.  See attached for more details:

Bilingual Chinese English Product Owner - Job Description–FINAL.docx

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Cate Boerema (cboerema at ebsco dot com)