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Comment: 2023 update to TC charter as approved by CC


  • Strong collaboration skills, able to drive decisions that champion the interests of the community and project
  • Leadership experience
  • Library management systems and library workflows
  • Library system specification and implementation
  • Prioritizing features in an environment of many competing interests
  • Traditional software product management, market analysis, etc.
  • Planning and executing software development projects, product ownership, project management
  • Agile software development methodologies, including Epic, Feature and Story creation 
  • Knowledge of recent library operations and future needs
  • Experience with defining functional requirements and understanding of technical requirements
  • Knowledge of FOLIO features and functionality as it applies to daily operational use
  • Participating in and/or managing open community governance

Technical Council


Maintain the community’s technical policies, best practices, infrastructure, and the operational health of the FOLIO project. Track and report Technical Debt and facilitate architectural decisions as needed by the community.Provide technical guidance to the FOLIO project. Guide the project’s architectural vision, technical policies, standards, and best practices. 


The Technical Council steers and guides the technical aspects of the FOLIO project by performing the following activities:

  • Provide common guidance to help keep the FOLIO community aligned on technical goals and directionsDevelop and maintain an architectural blueprint supporting the long, which are informed by the original vision of the FOLIO project, community requests, development needs, technical council expertise, etc.
  • Develop and maintain an architectural blueprint supporting the long-term vision, coherence, continuity, and stability of the PlatformFOLIO LSP.
  • Proactive identification of Technical Issues and Resourcing Needs Develop and maintain documentation of FOLIO project technical decisions, code contribution requirements, and development practices.
  • Proactively identify technical issues and resourcing needs that the project will need to deal with, including tracking and reporting on Technical Debttechnical debt.
  • InvestigationProvide technical investigation/advice at the request of the PC. Facilitate communication with external groups other councils. 
  • Facilitate communication with the infrastructure team (DevOps) to ensure best practices are followed, and smooth functioning of FOLIO project infrastructure.
  • Facilitate discussion and communication with development teams to ensure the FOLIO project's technical standards are upheld.
  • Welcome and help onboard FOLIO community members and organizations that are trying to contribute functionality to FOLIO FOLIO apps or modules so that FOLIO’s the FOLIO project’s technical standards can be upheld pragmatically.
  • Arbitrate ‘disputes’ disputes amongst the community on technical matters and make final decisions when necessary. 
  • Facilitate discussion and communication with Tech Leads group to ensure consensus where possible and consistency in terms of code contribution and quality
  • Maintain oversight of FOLIO Security’s PolicyMaintain documentation of FOLIO code contributor requirements and development practicesthe FOLIO project's security group and other working groups to which the Technical Council delegates specific responsibilities.


The Technical Council is composed of key FOLIO representatives, elected by the FOLIO community.  TC members should have deep experience with one or more of:


Document History

2019--2021Developed by FOLIO Governance Taskforce
2021-01-05 Approved by FOLIO Stakeholders 
2023-01-12Details of FOLIO Membership Levels extracted into a separate document