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Updates to cost per request report mockupKristen Wilson

Cost per request (continued)

Axel: There should be some kind of warning/flag, if the usage is not complete for the reporting period. 
The same ida for not completely matched titles
Complete = every title has been matched in the complete reporting period

Kristen added a field “Order type” to indicate whether the order is ongoing or one-time
Annika: Is the order type field on the PO really required - yes, checked that.

No other comments on “cost per request report”

Continue reviewing additional rough mockupsKristen Wilson

Request per month

Have everything on title level, no packages. Titles from packages are pulled out.
Is one tab with books and journals displayed together okay? Group wishes for separate tabs.

Metric type as a columns to be able to filter for total vs unique item requests
Annika: Will the metric type column be filtered by default?
→ Most people will work with the downloaded report in a spreadsheet software (excel etc), where filters can be applied as wished for. A filter will become more relevant for visualizations and if totals are to be displayed for each month’ usage.

Axel: How ill we indicate the difference between zero usage and no data for a given month
Counter standard says 0 = known zero usage, blank = missing/unknown data

Nicole: What about titles that are not in the package anymore?
Axel: What would happen if you have a reporting period over several years? Will this be possible or will you only support one year?
→ Titles that are only in the package for some time would still appear in the report. The “missing/unknown data“ indication (blank?) should be used for the months without license/usage. 

Nicole: We sum up the usage for each month - could there be a total row?
Kristen: yes, we could include that. We would need to think about how to filter the metric type column then, as not to duplicate usage.

Searches by month

Are people interested in all metric types → come back with feedback next meeting
Homework: Which metric types are important for working with database reports?

Requests by publication year

Annika: Idea to have a second tab (as in Counter 4), where the data is swapped and shows usage per publication year

Axel: In the “swapped version”, displaying usage per publication year: could we be able to group by publication years, and make the grouping interval configurable to show e.g. decades or to be able to differentiate back files/front files

In the swapped version: should we break down usage per month or aggregate it in one year?

  • only total usage: + better overview
  • per month: + can tell if usage is consistent

→ Kristen will present mockups of different options next meeting, for the group to decide

Titles without use:

Nicole: Counter 5 doesn’t show rows without usage
Kristen: Then we would need to do it the other way around and come from the titles in the agreement and look for titles that are missing in the counter data

Axel: maybe you could have a treshold to be able to also include low use titles?

Kristen: Maybe it would be better to include the zero use titles into the requests per month report combine the two. Then the requests per month report would show all titles from an agreement, regardless of whether there is usage or not.
Group agrees.