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  1. Using service points and locations to manage sending items between circ and tech services (bc of limited item statuses)
  2. Tips for managing replies to patron notices with multiple libraries but only one configurable reply-to address
  3. Problems with notices (before reprinting notices is available)
  4. Manually managing claim returned items (before functionality is fully available)
  5. How to manage with not having machine sortable call numbers 
  6. Workarounds for Remote Storage workflows (varies depending on what remote storage system an institution is using)
  7. Deleting a loan (currently only possible through an API - the UXPROD for it is Cancelling a loan -
    serverFOLIO Issue Tracker
  8. Handling title level requests (since as of Feb 2021 only item-level requesting exists)
  9. How to delete a user record via API (until
    serverFOLIO Issue Tracker
    is implemented)


Reporting Documentation

  1. What exactly is the LDP and why would you want to use one?
  2. What canned SQL queries are available for the LDP and when you might use them?
  3. In-App reports - what's available, when you might run them, what's required
  4. What data is available in the LDP?
  5. How to create custom tables in your local LDP
  6. How do you connect to your LDP
  7. How quickly does data move from your FOLIO environment to the LDP
  8. Suggestions for how to modify the canned SQL queries