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  • to conitnue a previous discussion that we had in this group last year
  • in "terms accordion" the system doesn't display the number of terms taht are set
  • this is different to the other accordions
  • reason: this works different to the other parts
  • in settings users can define terms as primary terms - primary term = y/n
  • on the agreement all primary terms are displayed - the ones are set and the ones that are not set
  • so the number of terms would not tell users anything about the numbers of terms that are filled out - there is a difference between: terms that are set vs. terms that a user expects to be set
  • what is the useful information that users want to get via a count
    • Peter McCracken: a total number of set terms would be more helpful than a total number of possible terms
    • Emma: agrees, although a count in general is not necessary
    • in chat people agree that the count is not very relevant
    • Jack: if there is a zero, that indicates that I need to add something
    • Sara in chat: For Agreements, like Jack, the exact number I do not need, I just need to know there is something there OR not
    • agreement: having a number for set terms is helpful
  • question: should we hide the terms accordion and the supplementary properties if it is not populated - like we do with the other accordions
    • Peter M: even if there is nothing populated, the accordion should be visible
    • Emma agrees
    • Owen will write a story: if there are 0 terms and no primary terms are set in settings → the accordion should be hidden
    • if there are 0 terms set for the agreement but there are primary terms set in settings → display the accordion and display the count = 0
    • Jack in chat: I think that makes sense
    • for supplementary properties: they are not as central as the terms - not necessary to display the empty accordion
  • Sara: it would be useful to

    be able to filter on documents

    have a filter for supplementary documents → as added to the Implementers topics #39

    It would very useful to be able to find via Filter those Agreements for which I have intentionally added Supplementary Documents (or, have not). Preferably based on the Categories set–as well as None (no Supp Docs).

Enhancements for Supplemental Properties in Agreements