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  • Juniper GA, HotFix#1 and HotFix#2 ship with a Java-based migration process for instance publicationPeriod property. This process has been disabled for HotFix#3 and later. The migration process has following impact:
    • Module initialization takes significant time for migration version (the process is triggered only once), depending on the number of instances to populate it may take 5 hours or more than 30 hours. It is recommended to run this process at non working hours, because mod-inventory-storage is a critical part of FOLIO, most subsystems will be unresponsive.  (MODINVSTOR-774, MODINVSTOR-806, MODINVSTOR-811)
    • The migration process does not generates domain events for updates.
  • Known issue (MODINVSTOR-940) Missing migration script to populate Effective location for holdings without items


  • Requests now supports search by normalized ISBN in the Requests app.
    • Search by other identifiers is available, but not all support normalized search.
  • Known Issue (UIREQ-673): When sorting requests by requesting patron barcode in the Requests app, results may appear out of order if the the requester had no barcode when the request was created (or their barcode has changed since the request was created). The sort order is correct based on the data stored in mod-circulation-storage, but the records returned by mod-circulation contain updated information retrieved from the user record which does not match that used to sort the results in the storage module. The fix for this will require implementation of UXPROD-3399