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DateAgenda itemsPresenter
June (week 22-25)

Tentative Agenda:

Inventory Elastic Search box (continued)

Review UX work - Elastic Search


Work through our list of misc. UI Improvements

2021/05/?? (week 21)

Tentative Agenda:

Discuss Inventory Elastic Search box (using search options, boolean operators, and more functionality)

2021/05/?? (week 20)

Tentative Agenda:

Review UX work - Result list UXPROD-491 (II) 


2021/05/?? (week 19)


Discuss the Inventory Result list UXPROD-491 (I)

Charlotte Whitt and

Identify data elements to be displayed in the hierarchical (card) display of the result list.

Discuss sorting of a list when using card display

2021/05/?? (week 18)



  1. Welcome & presentation
  2. Housekeeping 
    1. find a regular meeting time (weekly, one hour
    2. workspace
  3. Scope and planning of our work
    1. hierarchical display of the Inventory resultlist
    2. search option box (using Elastic Search)
    3. list of misc. UI-improvements
  4. Questions
Charlotte Whitt