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Agenda items:

  1. Development progress - ERM sprint 115
  2. Dashboard questions (see below)
  3. Default Organisation role (see below)
  4. Open Access Management
  5. External systems/services integration with Agreements and Licenses (see below)



  1. Development progress - ERM sprint 115
    • Last full sprint before Juniper release

    • Dashboard initial release on track - still some uncertainty of what will be included, but meeting a number of use cases and basic functionality

    • Organization - single organization with multiple roles on Agreement and License (uncertain because of unexpected unavailability of team member
    • Changes to display supplementary term accordion - adding in counts for properties in Licenses and Agreements - little usability improvement

  2. Dashboard questions
    • 3 feature which we discussed

    • Improving support for test search (equivalent search box in Agreements or Licenses) - aim developing all the basics and then this is the first we would tackle - any other thoughts on priority? 

    • Kristin: problem of prevision on searching is folio wide same issue with PO number search, the larger your collection is the more this will be problematic

    • The way the search works in Agreements and licenses is not the same as in other apps – there is no definition of search has to work this way in FOLIO

    • At the moment in Agreements there is the search box, example “UM “ avoids results e.g. premium 

    • In Agreements and Licenses there is a match search and filters – search text string searching across a number of fields e.g. name, alternative name, descriptions

    • In Dashboard we are using filters, what we will do to integrate option for text search

    • ERM-1696 Add support for match + terms in simple search widget type - Extra option in widgets – to choose which fields 

    • Sara: questions about searching in Agreements - it would be great to have a dropdown – search the title

    • definition is included in the option for dashboard search
    • Possible to include it in Agreements and Licenses as well and have started the discussion with Gill about design (maybe for Kiwi)

    • Sara: Issue of how we test in FOLIO across - data is limited - searching and overwhelming search result, as we go into production, because more data available

    • Felix (chat): @Sara We could try to create a test data set for agreements and license records. Maybe Owen or one of the devs could make it persistent in the Bugfest systems.

    • bugfest data is persistent right now since goldenrod, partly to tackle the issue Sara raised - any feedback from tester is welcome if we need more data  
    • Current Iris bugfest will be migrated to the new juniper bugfest

  3. Default Organisation role
    • We change of organization roles functionality - aim is each tenant to configure their own Organization roles

    • Population of picklist currently works: We have to populate one for Agreements and one for Licenses in setting so that the functionality is shown

    • Short term better to get the functionality out – instead of waiting for the long term solution
    • New installs default organization roles, should not affect the installations right now

    • never assign a role by default to an organization
    • Sara: Why not a role “set me up?”

    • Jack: in the top of the agreement in the summary will this go away?

    • Yes, Organization “set as primary organization” if selected then this will be used in the top right 

    • One primary organization per Agreement, but you don’t have to select one.
    • Jack: By setting it up I would like to delete it?
    • Claudia: You can change value, label and completely delete this entry

    • Poll would be good for selecting one default, otherwise neutral entry – need to vote in Slack after this meeting

  4. Open Access Management
    • Slides from Björn, who was not available for this meeting: Open Access Business in FOLIO presented at last week's PC Meeting
    • Björn will present at this weeks RM Meeting on Friday May 28th
    • funded by European Regional Development Fund (EFRD)

    • managed by Leipzig University Library (Convener: Björn)
    • developed by Knowledge Integration (K-Int) PO: Owen, dev lead: Ian, UX Lead: Gill
    • new RM working group
    • Scope: Management of Gold and Transformative Open Access agreements, and the related recording, verification and funding of OA publications.
    • Scope: Gold OA (paid for), Hybrid/Transformative OA (transition of costs from read/subscription to OA publishing), Diamond/Platinum OA - financial support for non-profit platforms
    • Out of scope: Green OA
    • Business Models: Article Processing Charges (APC), Annual charge/membership, Read & Publish, Waiver/Voucher/Tokens for OA, etc.
    • Key functions:
      • Recording OA Agreement Components
      • Recording of Funding Agency
      • Recording of Funder’s Policy (compliance rules)
      • Recording of Academic Output (articles, book chapters, books)
      • Manual verification/approval

      • Recording of publication data
      • Finance / Invoicing / Budgeting
      •  Recording Communication
      • Dashboard/Alerts
    • Challenge to get y good meeting slot for this new group
    • k-int / owen worked on a similar project in UK some years ago

    • Peter: separate app or build into? 
    • Separate App
    • Interaction with other Apps burning questions - some obvious ones, some not so obvious
  5. External systems/services integration with Agreements and Licenses
    • Please reach out to Owen for your feedback