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For the Ap Interaction SIG we want to have as many RA use cases described as possible, to make sure that all possible problems with data not getting synced are brought to the attention of the Ap Interaction SIG. Cases where data is not being kept in sync should be noted. One example would be a request for an item on order – this would require syncing of data between Requests and Users and between Requests and Inventory. Another example would syncing from lost & charged status and inventory. See  Ap Interactions RA . RA SIG members should add any more use cases they can think of..

David raised the point that where Fees/Fines are concerned, data syncing could be problematic. For example, if a fee is charged on an item when it was a reserve item, and the item is the taken off reserve, the fee/fine should still reflect the fact that the fee was charged at the time when the item was on reserve – in this case the historical data should be preserved. SIG members could not think of any other area where syncing would cause difficulties.