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Minute taker?Jesse Lambertson


Product Council minutes 2021-06-10

    • SIG updates
  • Bibliographic data flow task force
Kristin Martin  
  • Peter Murray needs vounteers
  • there are still some data integrity issues
    • there is a WG starting to deal with SRS and data integrity
  • Question from chat (Is there a clear understanding of what data integrity means in this context?)
  • Profiles doing things that they are not clearly documented as updating (MARC, Instance, etc)
  • Issues for 'source of truth' is also becoming an issue
  • Also, Quickmarc is editing automatically 006 sans notification
  • How is this playing out with implementers (who have already implemented)?
    • there is a fix, requires a report
  • field protection was put into MARC update, but that same field protection is not working when updating Instances
  • from chat (Thanks Kristin. I think it’s important we don’t lose sight of what I think of data integrity between Folio apps - i.e. issues like changes to instances in Inventory doesn’t update information in Orders (or whatever) which I think is probably more relevant to RM)
  • from chat (I may need to start using more explicit terminology to avoid confusion about the term “data integrity”!)
  • 11:15 EST (Friday, June 11), app interaction meeting info: Join Zoom Meeting / Meeting ID: 869 183 544
  • Skidmore is now live

Acquisitions Updates

  • Demo/discussion of receiving changes that include the addition of holdingsID (now for R3)
  • Import functionality is also R3
Dennis Bridges
  • all these changes pushed to R3
  • ref: UXPROD1925
  • all these things are currently in a FORK, in the thunderjet environment, to keep issues from having in the master code branch
  • ORDERS interactions, here, are connecting things to holdings
  • holding links are connected to the POL
  • order data is being retrieved when loading the holdings
  • when a holdings change is required, that change would affect the order record too? or no? 
  • the connection

Action items